George F. Garlick was born and raised in Frontier County, Nebraska. He went on to earn his doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering and Solid State Physics from Iowa State University.  Through his work in acoustical holography he received broad recognition for pioneering the invention of through transmission holography that is being applied to medical imaging for breast cancer detection and other applications. 

An astute businessman and entrepreneur, he formed Garlick Enterprises through which he developed a modern business research park and was instrumental in the formation of the Science and Technology Research District in Tri-Cities Washington.  In addition to real estate, he currently owns and operates fourteen other technical business operations and a charitable foundation. 

Prior to forming his own company, Garlick spearheaded the first university campus in the Tri-Cities by generating community support and fundraising to establish what is now Washington State University Tri-Cities.  He remains continually involved in supporting educational campus developments both in Washington as well as in his native state supporting the development of the University Of Nebraska College Of Technical Agriculture and is also active on many community boards and committees.  In 2007 he was named Tri-Citian of the Year. 

In addition to his community work, Garlick founded the Gloria Meek Garlick Foundation in honor of his sister-in-law who passed away from breast cancer while performing missionary work in Mexico.  The Foundation will provide medical imaging systems manufactured in the Tri-Cities for use in undeserved areas to better address breast cancer detection. 

In addition to his business activity Garlick has been the Teaching Leader for Bible Study Fellowship and President of the Walk to Emmaus as well as teaching numerous bible studies.

The Journey to Truth, published by VMI December 2009, is Garlick’s first book.

George Garlick lives with his wife Carol in Eastern Washington.



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